Free hugs II

A gloomy grey Saturday afternoon and a mood that can measure up to that easily. I decide to go out with my camera, because taking pictures is always a good way to pause and get back to the right mind frame. (Did you see what I did there?)

Unfortunately I find no real magic today. Maybe I just need a nap instead…

On my way back home I bump into a group of young men offering free hugs. I decide to hang around and watch them hug for a bit.

It’s interesting to me to observe the different reactions from people. I put away my camera and just sit there…

One of the hugs simply stands out. it’s a hug offered to a tall broad guy. The guy accepts the hug and spontaneously lifts the hugger off the floor.

My heart sings at the sight of this outburst of human kindness… Oh JOY, there you are!!!

Now tell me: What makes you want to dive into a big hug or what makes you refuse?


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