“Not even scared”

“Not even scared” is what the sign reads on the monument in the middle of the Place de la Republique.

As I’m standing in front of it I’m remembering last night’s discussion about how when we say “Not even scared” most of the time we actually are scared, but we are trying to defy our fears by choosing a path of love.

That’s what got me here today in the first place. Trying to defy the fear of more attacks that I felt so deeply last night before bed.

As I’m putting words together in my head to write down later my thoughts get interrupted by a voice calling out “Meme pas peur!”

I turn around to see a young man standing in a circle that has quickly formed around him.

DSCF6512AWith tears in my eyes I listen to his beautiful speech about humanity. He must have seen my tears, because from there on he looks at me whenever insecurity sets in.

At the end of the speech I walk up to him. His name is Leo. He’s trembling.

It’s a mix of both the cold weather and his emotions. Leo is desperately holding on to a roll of scotch. He needs it because the sign he has stuck to his shirt keeps falling off.

While we’re talking an older lady comes up to us to help stick the sign back on and overhears me say that I wish I had had my scarf with me so I could give him at least that for a bit of warmth.


The woman immediately opens her bag. In it are homemade knit hats. She picks out a sky blue one and tells us how she makes them with a 100 stitches.

I hug both of them goodbye  before moving on. I’ve found what I came here for, my path back to love!



2 thoughts on ““Not even scared”

  1. Een warm verhaal, ondanks de kou. Steun vinden in en steun hebben aan elkaar is wat mensen nodig hebben. Altijd, maar nu en bij jullie zeker.
    En jouw verhalen en foto’s helpen weer anderen…


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