Counting faith in humanity moments

DSC_3921ADo you ever have a day where you are in dire need to tip the feelings balance in a positive way?

I do. I wake up that way; in need of positive moments, in dire need…

Being a sensitive person other people’s energy affects me even more deeply on a day of “need”. Today is such a day.

I walk into the metro station and the first thing I notice is “Islam Danger” written in a text bubble. It’s coming out of the mouth of a young boy. The sight of it hurts my heart. I don’t want my Muslim friends and neighbors to be exposed to such hate. I hesitate for a moment. I would love to black out the text so no one else has to be confronted with it, but I don’t have the tools for it. My tiny blue pen won’t do any good.

Going through these thoughts I see a woman from maintenance coming up the stairs with a bucket of paint. I know that I won’t see that text bubble again tonight. I smile. At least my count didn’t get stuck on a negative.

I can’t get stuck on a negative, not today…

To be on the safe side I read a book in the metro. Unfortunately this armor of protection can no longer be used once I make it to line 13. During rush hour line 13 is nothing more than a tuna tin.

I get on with the masses at Saint-Lazare. We’re stuck standing, except for two young women who think that sitting on the folding chairs, making other people be even more stuck, is not their problem.

A woman standing closest to them asks them politely to get up. The women refuse.

To add to that a man decides he needs to sit too. While folding down the seat he pushes away the woman that was leaning against the chair. No apology, no nothing. He actually has a smirk of victory on his face when he looks up to those left standing.

Where’s their “savoir-vivre”?

In my mind I’m plotting revenge. Blocking them from leaving the metro, making them struggle to get off. Maybe I can make them trip.

I’ve reached my destination. Two negatives make that this metro ride has left my faith in humanity destored*.

Walking towards the office, however, a man on a bike makes sure to give me priority while crossing the street, even though it almost causes him to lose his balance. He could have just taken advantage of his speed, but he didn’t. Thank you, sir, I’m only down one on my count now.

It’s not how I like to start my long day in the office, but that’s how it is.

Until I trip over the vacuum cord on the second floor that is…


*Destored: Made up word signifying that the faith in humanity was lowered, but not lost.


2 thoughts on “Counting faith in humanity moments

  1. I take the New York subway to work — I feel your pain! I’m amazed by the discourtesy of some of the people you describe. I guess it’s people like us who have to work to spread the positive around 🙂

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    • The discourtesy is discouraging at times. Then again there also good encounters in the metro. The day I was describing was a bad day for me, maybe it’s on those days that I see the bad more easily, or it just touches me more… 🙂

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