Taking turns

DSCF5839A I was walking with a friend when we caught up to these two ladies walking home from the weekly market.

I told my friend to slow down for a moment. He told me I’m sure you see a picture right there…

I saw sisters or old friends.

Their similarity in clothes reminded me of the days that my cousin and I would call before going out to decide what we would wear. Gosh, how I miss those days sometimes…

That however was just the quick first glance. What I also saw was that the lady to the left had trouble walking. She would pause regularly. The lady to the right would wait for her to steady herself, grab on to her arm again and slowly continue their way.

It was such a loving sight…

Don’t you think that that’s what a strong relationship is about? Taking turns being strong for each other in times when the other feels weak…

Love is patient!


6 thoughts on “Taking turns

  1. Definitely (in response to your question)! The dynamics of a friendship shift. Sometimes one person needs more help than another, but it all kind of evens out in the end (for the most part). Like a type of insurance, almost! I like this idea.

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