Driehoog achter!

DSCF5256A… I’m not suddenly  changing to writing my blog in Dutch. I just like the sound of “Driehoog achter”, which basically means that I live on the third floor on the backside of the building.

Technically I also live on the front, but my favorite part is in the back.

The backside is blessed with a balcony, which I’ve turned into a haven of peace with a lawn chair, tons of potted plants and little lights.

And that’s where I will spend a big chunk of my summer vacation so my girls can do what they love best… Play!!!

As I sit here today the first three weeks of August lay before me like a blank canvas. I like this feeling of not knowing what’s next and not having to rush to find out.

I savor my morning coffee just that little bit longer. I have breakfast at 10 and will make lunch when I feel hungry, and what’s for dinner? I don’t know.

I have time to think about that… And about the things I eventually want to do.

For now I’m not ready though to pick up the brush to fill in the blank canvas or to paint my living room wall ocher…

If you need me, I’m on my balcony reading and enJOYing time passing by lazily…

As Marthe Troly-Curtin wrote in 1911: “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time!”


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