A story like a prayer

WP_20141124_005AIn one of my recent stories I talked about asking for help and how I find that to be hard. The other side, offering help, is hard for me too. Not when it comes to family and friends, but neighbors and acquaintances are a different story as long as I’m not really invited into their life yet.

Last Thursday I wrote a story about a cute little boy and his family and how I wish I could do more for him than just keep an eye out for him on a distance and showing my kindness to his family.

I had finished the first part of the story, but I didn’t have a satisfying end yet. I didn’t because I had no answer as to how to help him and his family after having tried for a while.

So at the same time as I hoped that telling the story on my blog and drawing attention to their situation would help me find the answer, I felt that the story I was about to post was maybe too private to share. I hesitated greatly in great frustration. Was the answer even out there?

I know now, but didn’t want to accept it then, that sometimes allowing time to pass is a good thing. Looking back at it, I now realize that my story was like a prayer more than anything.

And you know what? My prayer got answered.

That same Thursday night the family showed me for the very first time that they want my help; they have invited me to be part of their life.  We’re connecting in small doses.

This means that I can’t share the original story. I don’t want to risk breaking what little trust I have with them for now.

What I can do however is tell you that kindness does pay off. Sometimes you just need a good dose of patience for things to finally start happening.

Be kind, and then be kind some more… And don’t stop believing!!!


8 thoughts on “A story like a prayer

  1. Wie goed doet goed ontmoet, luidt het spreekwoord. Maar ik heb moeite daarin te blijven geloven. Mijn ervaringen vertellen me iets heel anders…


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