She mocked my ways

DSC_3026AHow do you feel when a stranger laughs at you?

I’m not talking about a stranger smiling at you, I’m talking about a stranger laughing at you and laughing at you wholeheartedly…

Have you ever had that happen to you?

It happened to me at a clothing store the other day. I walked into the store with my two girls walking next to me. We were talking together. None of what we did or said was out of the ordinary to me. Then the woman that had walked into the store right in front of us turned around and laughed while looking at us.

It was confusing to be honest, not world shocking, but confusing. I’m used to people commenting or smiling when I walk somewhere with my girls. We are cute as a family. But this woman laughed at us and then she laughed again. I’m sure I frowned and then smiled. Not expecting there to be more.

When she laughed a third time, she stopped us. She decided she needed to explain. She wasn’t laughing at us, she was laughing at me.

While walking into the store I had warned my girls: “Today we are here for me, you are not getting anything. No point in trying to convince me otherwise.”

I hadn’t even noticed my remark, but she had found it to be hilarious. She said it was a nice try, but that  it wasn’t going to work.

While writing this and thinking back of that moment I’m actually laughing at myself…

The woman at the store was right when she said she thought I had a funny way of mothering my children. I do and I get judged for it at times. It happens mostly when people don’t know our whole story.

But I’m really happy for who I have become as a person and as a mom. I’m down to earth and to the point. I raise my girls in a realistic way with respect for them and respect for me. The whole of that wrapped up in tons of love and humor.

My girls and I truly live, love and laugh together as a team.

I want to say to the woman in the store: “Thank you for making me realize that my way is a good way, for my girls and I. Thank you for giving me this proud mommy moment.

You weren’t totally right by the way. I bought a dress and nothing more. My girls didn’t ask for anything. They were happy enough picking out a dress for me.”


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