Asking for help

DSCF2419AAsking for help is a concept that scares me.

On the other hand I’ll be the first to tell you that if you need help you should ask for it, because truth is that people don’t know you need help unless you ask for it. People just aren’t mind readers.

I panicked when the other day I was told to ask for help. I came up with a ton of reasons why I couldn’t do it, but the person that told me to do it, just stood there waiting. Not yet tapping his foot for added pressure.

It was just a silly little situation. My life is made of those.

We were in Belgium on vacation with my family.  The first day my sister-in-law and I went to the pool with our kids we just put our bags by the poolside. There was a note on the wall that it was forbidden, but we didn’t have any money on us for a locker. So we left it that way. No one ever said anything about it.

The next day I went alone with my girls and did the same thing. This time however one of the lifeguards came over to me.

“Madame, you can’t leave your bag there, it’s against the rules.”

Dang, who told him?

I told him that I was aware of that, but that I didn’t have any money on me for the lockers.

“You mean no change?” he asked. “No, I mean no money whatsoever”, I answered.

I explained that since I was with my kids that there was no way that I could go back and get money and that there was nothing of value in my bag. Secretly I was hoping for him to let go of the rules for this once. It was not my lucky day.

“U could go over to the bar and ask them to lend you one euro.”

Oh the horror. Was he really telling me to ask someone for money? How could I possibly get myself out of this situation?

The lifeguard escorted me to the bar and waited. There was no escaping this situation. So I asked for the money and much to my surprise got it without a problem.

The whole situation made me feel like a little schoolgirl again. Afraid to ask, afraid to feel dumb, afraid… But then nothing bad happened. I got the help I needed simply because I asked.

When later that afternoon I brought the money back to the guy from the bar, he actually looked surprised.

And of course the next day my sister-in-law left her bag at the poolside again…


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