Saturday afternoon at the supermarket

DSC_5390AI was at my neighborhood supermarket yesterday; doing some much needed food shopping for the weekend. I wanted it to be quick and painless.

When I walked in I noticed this older couple. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation. It was about choosing fruits. Now you probably think that’s not a very interesting encounter to read about.

I immediately noticed that she was protective of him. Not in an overbearing or coddling way as you often see, but she was making sure he still felt to be a man in charge of his life.

The gentleman was blind in one eye and using a cane to walk. His steps were small and unsteady, almost shuffling.

We crossed each other again in the next aisle. The aisle was cramped, so I paused to let them go by. The woman gave me a head sign and a smile to show appreciation for my patience with her husband.

Pausing though was also for me. It gave me a chance to see them, to see their interactions. I admired their way of being and for a moment let myself absorb their love.

We ended up in the wine section together. He was picking out wines and she would take the bottles from the shelves.

He got really worried when she tried to take a bottle from the highest shelve. She reassured him that she would be able to do it. Yet both were really glad when I moved in behind her and took the bottle for her.

They thanked me and continued discussing the white wine they had just chosen. I asked the gentleman to describe it to me. He described it to me with joy and lots of taste.

When I decided to buy a bottle for my mom he made sure I knew how to serve it, to make sure it was properly cooled. I truly hope my mom will like it.

The encounter ended at the cash register. The couple was lovingly squabbling about how to get their groceries home…

My shopping trip didn’t exactly ended up the way I wanted it to be, but it ended up the way it needed to be…

Today, slow down. Don’t just watch the people you cross paths with; see them!!!


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