One less stranger

10368838_10152449427481041_5329544741888858993_oI saw that the metro doors weren’t closed and the metro wasn’t full when I walked down the stairs to the quay of line 13 this morning. I got the impression that he was waiting for me, Guillaume that is.

We went from a smile and a “have a good day” last Thursday to being on a first name basis today.

I had seen him before Thursday even. I tend to look around a lot while riding the metro. I love studying my fellow travelers; trying to read their emotions. Not always easy since people on the metro try really hard to avoid eye-contact.

My impressions of him from a distance: Kind, relaxed and most likely a tad shy-ish.

That’s why I was surprised he took off his headphones this morning and started talking with me.

“Bonjour, what are you listening to?” he asked. “Do you have magic coming out from there? I can’t help but always see you smile. Are you always this energetic and good humored?”

I smiled and told him that no, no magic, just whatever I feel like listening to and yes, I always smile, but sometimes that smile is hiding how I really feel.

“I saw you dance to your music last week; I think it was on Friday. I was having a bad day that day and when I saw you I couldn’t help but smile. It turned my day around.”

I remember it was Thursday. The metro was having problems and I was waiting on the quay. With one metro “parked” at the quay it looked like it was going to take a while. People around me were getting tense. I always feel like none of them has a minute or two to spare in their day and that always makes me feel a little rebellious.

That’s when I noticed my next-door neighbor standing severely squished in the parked metro. She noticed me too, we both waved. I then did a silly little dance to make my neighbor laugh. It worked, but not just on my neighbor. This fellow traveler waiting in line is looking at me with a big smile on his face.

We both got on the next metro and ended up standing next to each other. I felt a tad awkward after being caught. We didn’t talk, but when he got off the metro we exchanged a quick “have a good day.”

Little did I know that I made his Thursday a better day…

Was he really waiting for me? It doesn’t matter. What matters are his words. Knowing that my smile has the power to change someone’s day.

“A bientôt, Guillaume.”


4 thoughts on “One less stranger

  1. Just like before… it’s gonna happen, when you least expect it, from where you least expect it, and how you least expect it. So forget about it. Except, of course, to remember that it’s gonna happen. – Notes from the Universe. By Mike Dooley. Thanks for the story. Made my day.


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