The Fulton Street subway station

It’s been almost two months since I went to NY. It feels like nothing has changed. I’m back to the same old life I had before I left. 
I feel frustrated about that because as much as nothing has changed, at the same time everything has changed. I changed. NY changed me.
The evening in The Broome Street Bar changed the way I look at going places alone, but it wasn’t the only marvelous encounter. The second was a man in the subway. 
It’s not like he did anything. At least not something unusual to him. Except without knowing he opened my heart and had me do something extremely unusual to me… 
The guy was singing his heart out in the Fulton Street subway station. “If you don’t know me by now…..”
And while I simply asked to take his picture we ended up singing the song together. “We all come with our own funny moods…..”
It went heart to heart. Yes, we did all the desperate hand gestures that come with a song like that. “U will never never never know me… No you won’t…..”
He opened my heart and had me do something that I love doing: Sing… Sing my heart out… Bursting with JOY… Without fear of making a fool of myself. 
I sing a lot in my every day life. In the street, at work, at home, but other than at home I make sure nobody hears me.
So here I am, almost two months after my visit to NY wanting to not just sing, but wanting to sing my heart out… Over and over again…

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