An inconvenient detail

On Saturday, as an after dunch (dinner/lunch), I went for a walk. When I came back up my street I saw Giorgio, the guy I lent money to many months ago, walk into the bar in my street (The loan!).

I needed to confront him about his behavior towards me, but I hesitated.

I tend to feel overpowered by men and this guy is 2 heads taller than me and really mouthy. And honestly was it really that bad that he kept hiding from me?

Then I decided, yes it was, if he felt the need to hide from a friend then that made me a bad friend and if I didn’t confront him now, then when?

I asked him to come outside with me and talk. We had a long talk… Some stories don’t end well for everybody involved. Please, count your blessings.

After talking with Giorgio he introduced me to a friend of his. I forgot his name. We were talking and came to the subject of my girls being twins. He told me that he has an identical twin brother. So I said “So basically no one should be able to tell the two of you apart.”

I looked at him and said “Does your brother have that same thing on his eyelid?” He asked if I meant the cyst and he told me no. He had had it for a couple of months now and he had been tempted to get rid of it by himself.

After we finished our drinks the three of us walked out together. In front of the bar we said our goodbyes; he looked at me and said: “I’m really annoyed that you remarked the cyst.”

I looked up at him, made an almost French hand gesture and said in my unusual blunt way: “Don’t be, you should be happy that I actually looked into your eyes.” …

Of course I should have said: “I saw you. Isn’t that what really matters?”

And let’s be honest. Isn’t it?

Don’t we all need to be seen sometimes instead of being merely looked at? I know for sure that I do…


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