Mirror mirror

The other day I read an article about how we can only love in others what we have in ourselves, because if we don’t have it ourselves we can’t recognize it in others. “Everyone in your world is a reflection of you.”

So I’m sat here looking at the names popping up on my screen at the start of this new year and I can’t help but smile.

The diversity of people that have a special place in my life and in my heart is simply amazing. People from all walks of life.

From Mike the homeless guy in my neighborhood, who teaches me about gratefulness, to my friends at Trinity International Church, who give me a sense of stability.

The musicians I’ve got to know this past year. They inspire me, they make me want to dig at that big ass passion stuck deep down inside and bring out my JOY!

From Oirda the Muslim woman I’ve known for 5 years, but only really know since this month. We aren’t all that different. To my imaginary friends on the internet all over the globe that are always around to lift me up. Time zones are a blessing.

Not to forget my special friend Philippe, nicknamed Poulette, who reminds me to dress like a woman from time to time. I tend to forget.

And of course the strangers that reflect “en live” what they see in me. They make it real.

There’s the old friends that remind me of how far I’ve come and the new friends that show me whom I’ve become.

In each and everyone of my friends I find something that inspires me. Positivity, simplicity and limitless love.

I’m the person that has always felt different. Looking at my friends I finally know why. I am so much…….

Inside of me I hold a piece of each of you and all those pieces make me me. Thanks for holding up that mirror…

Thanks for being the amazing in me!

Keep shining!


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