The things I do that make you wonder!

Yesterday’s encounter may make you cringe and wonder about my sanity. 

I wonder too…

The holidays are a particularly tough time to be alone, especially when the friend you usually celebrate with decides that this year there is no room for you in his proverbial inn. 

I had that coming for a long time, yet I decided to stay in Paris for the holidays and spend a maximum of lazy time with my girls. We’ve all been tired lately

The nights get lonely though once the girls are in bed, but instead of going the obvious way of inviting friends over for drinks and dinner I signed up for a dating website. Yes, I decided that my friends would be too busy with their families, so why not mix with the other lonely single people. I decided that is was okay to at least get some attention and have some talks to get through the nights.

Mind you, I mostly ignored the site. I’d go on from time to time and check my popularity  (I’m so vainnnnn) and eventual messages and then quickly log off because basically I’m not looking for a man. I’m looking for me first and foremost.

Yesterday I was alone for the day. I was playing on my computer and left the website open. Curiosity and having no plans got the best of me. I ended up chatting with Marcello. I told him that I was going to log off as I planned on going for lunch in a nearby restaurant from friends. He said “If I’d live close by we could go for lunch together”.

Half an hour later I met Marcello in front of the metro station in mine AND his neighborhood. Five minutes later I’m rolling through the city on the back of this stranger’s scooter. 

Today I deactivated my account from the dating website.


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