Life lessons

Friday mornings are secretly kind of special. Not special special, just different. I take the girls to school wearing my pajamas under my clothes, I’m unwashed, unkempt, me quoi!
Same last Friday when I bumped into the owner of the bar in my street. He invited me in and so I told him: “Well, you know, I’m unwashed, unkempt and wearing my pajamas still”.
He offered me a coffee after offering me a beer.
We’re talking when on the opposite side of the street a man walks by wearing a hat and sunglasses. Sunglasses on this early morning of this very grey day? Ok!
Maestro winks at him to come in. Other than the hat and sunglasses the guy is wearing a big smile. He introduces himself as Said, because that’s what people prefer, because it makes him more beur (Arab). Giggle. His name is actually Saidhi and he’s Congolese.
He talks and talks and sings and smiles. We talk, we laugh, we hit a beat… Then he stops, looks at me and says: “Look at yourself, no wonder”….
No wonder what?
“Look at how you’re sitting there.” And he mirrors me as he’s talking… “You can hardly breathe like that. And as far as I know breathing is one of the essential things we must do in order to live. And to live well we need to let the energy flow, breath well”………
Where had I heard these words before? Posture, breathing, letting the energy flow through all of your body, not just to your upper legs and back. Feet positioned on the floor. Balance from head to toes…
I had let myself slip again. And I was feeling it…
Life lessons (or reminders) may come from perfect strangers and early in the morning. And in a bar while wearing your pajamas under your clothes! 

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